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Prior Authorization Services

Insiders of the medical and healthcare industry are now well-heard of the term called prior authorization. However, many among them, especially patients are not very aware of how Prior Authorization (PA) works.

Prior Authorization Process

To cut a long story short, prior authorization is a requirement that a physician obtains pre-approval from the patient’s health insurance plan to prescribe a specific medication. The prior authorization process is a technique, which reduces cost, time, and effort of all the involved parties.

Providers’ Pain

Since prior authorization is quite a specialized area and needs continuous self updating, providers face a lot of trouble as the in-house staff has to spend a considerable amount of time and effort in it. In the process, their actual service takes a blow.

Making the Right Choice

To tackle the dilemma, providers are opting for professional prior authorization services. Professional prior authorization services reduce the online prior authorization woes and also facilitate reduction in other billing errors in the long run. A trusted Prior Auth Service provides end to end practice management / revenue cycle management assistance to leading providers across a wide range of specialties that includes pre authorization services for:

Prior Authorization Software

PriorAuth Online, the online prior authorizations platform of Sun Knowledge provides all the required prior authorization services and for fees as low as $7 per hour! PriorAuth Online has successfully handled over 10,000 Prior Auth Online cases since 2007. PriorAuth Online with the help of its latest prior authorization software provides a fantastic online platform to make the procedures faster and accurate. PriorAuth Online has a 300+ member team of skilled and experienced professionals uses the best of tools and practices, bound by streamlined and closely-monitored processes. Here's what PriorAuth Online exclusively offers:

  • Accurate checks and balances, 99% overall accuracy
  • Reduction in operational cost by 70%
  • Excellent referrals
  • Dedicated managers with experienced team for fastest service
  • No hidden cost
  • Work with both payers and providers
  • Experience to serve more than 100 clients
  • 100% HIPAA compliance

With so many attractions in prior authorization services to offer, PriorAuth Online is a default top choice for prior auth and other billing services.