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A Powerful Action Plan for Your
Prior Authorization Worries

The physician perspective on the burden of prior authorization is self evident. Almost 84% report that the challenges with practice management priorities have only increased over the years. Nearly 86% has reported that burdens with the prior authorization process have only increased over the last five years. The additional fact findings prove that on a weekly basis 29.1 is the average total for the PA’s per physician. Almost 34% of the physicians have the staffs that are working exclusively on the PA process.

  • The repetition challenges are also painful; nearly 79% of the physicians are often required to repeat the process of PA for the prescription medications. Abandonment of patient treatment is also a huge torment with almost 78% patients reporting that poor provider- payer communication leads to treatment abandonment. The average wait times for PA responses to wait for a decision from the health plans varies anywhere between 64% (wait for 1 business day) and 30% (wait for three business days).
  • It is quite evident that a lot of physicians face a lot of difficulty with tedious paper work, staffs involved in practice management priorities shifting their focus from the patients. Health systems should ideally be designed to benefit the patients. So, prior authorization should refine and improve the process of healthcare recommendations of the healthcare professionals.
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Sunknowledge Approach in Prior Authorization

A complete healthcare revenue cycle management company, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been a proven performer, working with both healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction. We are currently providing our tailored support in prior authorization, eliminating proven pain points in your practice management efforts. Our excellent back and forth information sharing system improves your cash flow possibilities in the longer run.

We perform task specific activities in eligibility verification and authorization accounts receivable recovery and denial management, extending quality support. Right from gathering of information and documents, contacting the physician office, excellent payer side communication and updating the auth outcome, we are your one stop destination for stand out prior authorization support. Partner with Sunknowledge Services Inc for a complete plan of action for all your prior authorization challenges