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Challenges with practice management kill both time & money for healthcare professionals. It consumes staff time, destroys the care management workflow. If you are looking for a reliable extension of your operational practices, partner with us.

We are your one stop destination for cutting edge prior authorization services. We have designed the perfect proprietary platform to maximize your claims reimbursements, reduce duplication and inconclusive prior authorization (PA) efforts with a secure, web based portal that is fast and effective!

Our Process

We have an excellent back & forth mechanism of sharing information. Our team combines with all leading practice management systems and offers a streamlined assistance in prior authorization. We provide

  • Gathering of important information on procedure from the patient and the providers
  • Check the patient's eligibility
  • Initiate PA request as per payer protocols
  • Communicate with the payer to validate prior auth request
  • Checking of auth status with payers doing effective follow up
  • Follow up with referring provider for additional documents
  • Provide additional documents as requested by payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the client PM/Billing system

What Customers Say

  • Good Morning,

    Hope all is well. I just want to say thank you for all the hard work and professionalism your team is delivering. We feel that with your help, we can really turn our business around. Pr****m is always available to answer questions and concerns. We appreciate that so much. I tell him all the time how I wish we found you 10 years ago. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we appreciate all you do. We have a lot of challenges still to face. So many things to learn and overcome. We can get there I believe as a team.
    -- Thank You,

    - M****a K*****r, Reputed Orthotics & Prosthetics Company.
  • Just wanted to let you know that you and your team did a great job on many levels today. Keep up the good work superman.

    - J****** M*****, Leading Home Care Company on Sunknowledge Services inc.
  • You and your team are doing a wonderful job ! We are very fortunate to have Sun Knowledge and your expertise in the authorization process. Thanks again for all you do !

    - Leading Virginia Physicians Group on Sunknowledge Services inc.
  • Thank you so much! this is very helpful.We are putting together a binder with our protocols and procedures in place with steps on the billing process. ( what happens when and the order ) we would like it all layed out from start to finish.So when and if a transition takes place we have some sort of a training manual that is easy to follow.The flow of a a patient visit--- first appointment to payment from insurance.So thank you for your help with this . We appreciate you and yor team. You have done a wonderful job for us at IOPS.We would highly recommend your company and especially your team. P******, I really like your professionalism and promptness with any questions and /or concerns we have had.

    - M****** & Bill*** K*****, Reputed Idaho Orthotic & Prosthetic Company on Sunknowledge Services inc.
  • "I really appreciate everything S****** and his team has done and is continuing to do for our company. Go Telecare DBA Sun knowledge has really streamlined our follow up process and makes having a stock and bill office more proficient. I have developed a personal friendship over the past couple of years working with S***** and he makes working with an offsite office seem like they are right next door. I would highly recommend Go Telecare to anyone interested in acquiring help with insurance billing, patient demographic, insurance verification, payment posting, or any line of business you are having issues with in house."

    - Office Manager, Leading Prosthetics & Orthotics Company
  • "How busy your days can get! Overall, I think the quality we most value is communication. It is very important to maintain good communication levels and Sun Knowledge has been great at doing so. The staff that we are actively in contact with go above and beyond by paying close attention to detail and effectively communicating their findings with us. The staff is kind and respectful and we have created a lovely partnership that we continue to look forward to."

    - T***a G******o, Benefits & Eligibility Dept. Supervisor
  • "Thank you to Sun Knowledge for an exceptional job that have provided to us. We have had such a great experience with the work they have done."

    - C***y B****l, Director of Operations, US
  • "I would like to thank everyone in Sunknowledge team for the great help in our billing process. The quality of work provided is amazing and the expectations are always met. Your effort has made a significant difference to our business. It is our pleasure working with you."

    - M*****a O*****e, Billing Manager, US
  • Sun Knowledge team,

    "I wanted to share how pleased Tom and I are with the relationship we have with the Sun Knowledge team. P***** and team are doing a great job. We finally feel that we have great visibility into what is driving our revenue cycle and that we have a capable team that lives up to our high expectations. I know that my communication style / feedback can be right to the point, but I just wanted to make clear that we are very pleased with what Sun Knowledge and P***** brings to our organization.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that we have approval from our private equity backers for our Phase 2 expansion plan. We intend to grow from a network of 5 to a network of 10 by Jun-18. As with our first five centers, We will continue to exclusively target federally designated primary care shortage areas in Brooklyn and continue to provide excellent non-ER episodic care in the areas that need it most. We will have 2 leases signed next week in the Sunset Park and City Line neighborhoods in Brooklyn and aim to have those centers open by Nov/Dec. We are excited for the next phase and very happy to grow with you as a partner."

    - Chief Financial Officer, Urgent Care company
  • "Sunknowledge had been working with our affiliated entities for the past several years and had done and continues do an outstanding job. I consider Sunknowledge a part of my team. I am always very impressed with the accuracy in what they do for us, which is an array of managed care functions."

    - CFO of a west coast-based major health insurance conglomerate.
  • "Again we appreciate the efforts of your team and are quite impressed with the progress to this point. The below refinements are expected as part of any new partnership, particularly in our highly complex system....Thank you again for your efforts – your team continues to meet our expectations and is actively improving our ability to serve our patients. Your efforts specifically to maintain open communications with our team has fostered the success of this effort and we look forward to expanding the effort next week and beyond."

    - Project Manager at a leading Prosthetics & Orthotics company based in Florida
  • "Just following up before the Christmas holiday season begins to say thank you for the great job you all are doing. Our team is very thankful for the opportunity to work with such a competent group of individuals.P******'s work in the claims department has impressed us very much. His follow up calls are always timely and very well detailed. As well, his work in summarizing our accounts receivable for strategic action was excellent.As well, N*******'s dedication to our eligibility and authorizations department has helped our local team to refocus their energies in a way that was not possible in years past. The result has been a renewed and refreshed work effort on the part of our employees.Additionally, your team’s communication with our employees has been very well streamlined and always professional, appropriate and correct."

    - Senior Executive at an industry-leading practice management software company in orthotics & prosthetics, based in the south-east
  • "We have had the pleasure of working with the Sunknowledge team throughout the few months utilizing their services for patient data entry and eligibility verification. They are a devoted and responsible team that is highly experienced in what they do. They are always concerned about the client's needs and are always there to help. I highly recommend the services offered by Sunknowledge."

    - COO of a leading medical billing and credentialing company in the north-east
  • "Your team amazed me with the manual and the amount of info you provided with that short training session."

    - Practice Manager of a major dermatology group in the north-east
  • "My firm has evaluated an outsourcing transaction with Sunknowledge. They provide superior service at a very attractive rate and have demonstrated to us their commitment to this partnership. Their expertise across various process areas in the PDP/MAPD domain and unique cost structure puts them in an incredible position to work with plans throughout the healthcare industry."

    - Chairman, President and CEO of a major north-eastern Health Plan
  • "Our company is very pleased with the administrative, and business analytical solutions which Sunknowledge delivers to our company from a quality & cost perspective. They have been a true partner in bringing industry expertise, and innovative solutions to the table. Their ability to grow with our evolving needs for higher end services such as clinical services is a significant differentiator among healthcare business process outsourcing firms."

    - Executive Vice President of operations of a leading MSO