Ensure Reimbursements With Stand Alone Support in
Prior Authorization for DME

Prior authorization costs are increasing every year and are presently is more $32 billion to the healthcare industry. Almost thirteen hours of nurse time, nearly six hours of clerical staff time, over an hour physician time gets wasted due to prior authorization compulsions. It is evident, that every week 20 hours are consumed with tasks related to prior authorization.

As the federal mandates clearly suggesting providers to make sure that they are transparent in their service prices, a consistent prior authorization process will be crucial for improved financial success for any medical practice. A streamlined effort to make the entire process of practice management transparent has to be the need of the hour

We have the capability of providing great consistency with after- sales, pre billing requirements and help you with the right checks and balances. CMS has already implemented market oriented reforms to the Medicare’s DMEPOS competitive bidding program.

Sunknowledge drives your Prior Authorization for DME

Transform your prior authorization for DME with Sunknowledge. We are currently serving over 100 clients with excellent references. Our practice management support with our proprietary "priorauth online" platform allows you to submit your auth requests in no time. We will complete the entire process for you in hours.

DME has Never Been Easier

We will combine state of the art processes and a dedicated platform that will help you transform your prior authorization process to a paperless environment that will be fast and effective. Moreover, we provide the best productivity metrics for DME practice management/ revenue cycle management in the whole RCM world.

The best part of working with Sunknowledge Services Inc is our excellent references, envious list of leading DME providers who have benefitted greatly with our practice management/ revenue cycle management capabilities. Presently, Sunknowledge Services Inc is serving over 100 clients with great credentials

Our team combines with best in class processes that helps us in delivering you quick and effective prior authorization for DME services. We guarantee a billing cost reduction of 70% and improve your collections by 97% ensuring quality checks and balances.

Currently, you can access our proprietary "priorauth online" platform and submit your authorization requests without any limit. . Partner with us if you seriously want to witness a difference in your practice management standards. We are just a call away from you! Schedule a demonstration now and get to know how we extend our superior support in prior authorization at the best rates in the marketplace. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity to eliminate your practice management woes.