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A 2017 survey done by the American Medical Association clearly illustrated the challenges faced by the patients/physicians with prior authorization. The average wait times with prior authorization responses and waiting for a decision for a health plan varies from one business day to three business days.

  • The ratio of wait times ranges between 64% and 30% and have a detrimental impact on the patients. Care delays associated with PA is also a worrying trend.
  • Almost 92% report of delays with care management as well as abandoned treatment with the PA process. Almost 78% responded that delays with prior authorization often lead to prescription abandonment.
  • The physician impact and their perspective on the burden associated with prior authorization is quite evident.
  • Nearly 84% of the physician report that the challenges are extreme and almost 86% report that pains with prior authorization has only increased over the years.
  • The volume of PA burden is nearly 29.1 for physicians per week with 34% of the staffs working exclusively on the prior authorization process.
  • The repetitive nature of the prior authorization process can be hectic for the physicians.
  • Almost 79% of the physicians are always required to repeat the process with PA specifically for prescription medications.
  • The annual expenditure with prior authorization is a whopping $32 billion.

To achieve the objective of value based care, better focus on patients, less paperwork, it is necessary that medical practices look for a proper alternative that can help them streamline their practice management priorities in the best possible manner.

prior authorization Effort

Precisely, the industry leaders are of the opinion that our healthcare system should be designed to help the patients. Better provider payer communication is a must to achieve the objective of a realistic value based care support system.

The Sunknowledge Narrative in Prior Authorization

Currently working with leading providers across more than 28 specialties, Sunknowledge Services Inc understands the immediate claims adjudication mandates of the industry. We have an innovative approach when it comes to handling all your prior authorization challenges.

Our team combines with all major EMR/ practice management/billing software and works as your ultimate operational extension. We have no installation expenses, transactional charges and have an excellent back and forth mechanism with information sharing.

Working as your desired prior authorization partner, Sunknowledge Services Inc will be ensuring almost 99% submission of PA requests on the same day itself. We have the ability to handle any volume and currently process over 50,000 PA’s on a monthly basis, making us your ultimate prior authorization destination. We believe in providing you seamless communication standards, great account management & a standalone action plan for all your prior authorization challenges!