Accelerate Your Prior Authorization With a
Resourceful Approach

The letter starts "Dear Doctor" from the insurance company! Immediately the challenge starts for the doctor’s office. Almost thousand letters arrive at the offices across the country from the insurance company which says that a prior authorization is required for the medication that has been prescribed.

It is true that there are numerous prods made by the insurance companies to alleviate the doctor away from an expensive alternative that can be better for the patients. Instead providing a more compelling clinical reason will be important!

All of these challenges can be strived better with trained resources that will help you document in more details, dealing with the symptoms and the prior treatment measures that led to the request. Requests with prior authorization consume 20 hours a medical practice's time.

Almost an hour of a precious doctor’s time today! Rising physician wait times, cancellation of medical prescriptions are some of the biggest worries ahead. Bettering the practice management efforts, a quality services management team will be a big plus ahead!

DME has Never Been Easier

Faster and Smarter Prior Authorization With US

Sunknowledge Services Inc has the capability to add value by working as your operational extension. We believe in delivering you complete prior authorization support with excellence. Our team combines with the best in class practice management systems used in the marketplace.

The biggest worth that we bring as your healthcare revenue cycle management partner will be our deep sense of understanding of medical billing mandates across the industry. We perform task specific jobs starting from eligibility checks, authorization, denial management and recovery of your accounts receivable (even as old as 3 years!).

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We bring you a pool of practice management/ billing resources that are currently working with numerous billing systems (the best), even deliver niche capabilities of working with any proprietary platforms.

Customizing our solutions to help you achieve your business goals, achieving a clear idea on how you can improve your operational best practices, will be the Sunknowledge advantage!

We can proudly say that we have the references, flexibility and ability to provide you a complete revenue cycle management solution. We implement the key checks and balances in your prior authorization process and follow an excellent mechanism of back and for the sharing of information.

We have successfully reduced billing costs by 70% with a collection increase of 97% for leading clients in the healthcare space. Our team would love to know your immediate prior authorization needs and will be provide you a complete plan of proposal and the best rates in the market! We bring the value that you are looking for as a next gen medical billing and collections company.