Streamline DME Prior Authorization with
Sunknowledge Best Practices

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and partner with us for a smoother practice management experience. We are the only healthcare revenue cycle management company, extending superior support in both front end as well as back end billing demands by performing specific activities in prior authorization, eligibility verification, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

DME Prior Authorization

Our team of DME practice management experts is versatile across all major billing systems and offers a seamless experience when it comes to a better cash flow. We are an expert when it comes to handling all your requirements with DME prior authorization, order processing services and lay down the right checks and balances for a better revenue cycle management approach.

Sunknowledge is the perfect alternative when it comes to managing pre billing requirements by understanding the claims adjudication mandates in the best possible manner. We have extended our work scope with CPAP compliance calls helping patients maintain 70% usage as per Medicare as well as After Sales support.

A market oriented DMEPOS bidding process is all set to take over. DME providers in the new landscape have to engage with the customers in a purposeful and consumer friendly approach for establishing a serious assurance strategy with securing payments. Customers will be looking for a better quality, low cost care and a streamlined revenue cycle management approach is the only way ahead.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: A Superior DME Prior Authorization Action Plan

As the only company that offers superior support in DME order confirmation, insurance verification and prior authorization. None of our competitors communicates directly with the patients as well as the doctor’s office for getting all the documents in time. Also, we offer all our post billing activities for just $7 per hour on a dedicated basis and have a high first pass rate of 97% with claims.

Looking to know more about how we work as your reliable operational extension. We are just a call away! Let Sunknowledge share with you a complete action plan on how we can complement your efforts. Leverage the Sunknowledge approach for a complete DME prior authorization support.