Prior Authorization Worries and
The Sunknowledge Assurance!

It is almost impossible for a physician to stay ahead as the rules change on a constant basis. The formularies differ widely among the healthcare insurance companies while the office databases become outdated quickly. The overwhelmed physicians, the primary care physicians in general, challenges with prior authorization are many!

Some of the prevalent pain areas will be:

  • Phone calls and the fax lines ties
  • Takes days to complete PA
  • Patients remain untreated
  • Delay can anger / frustrate the patients
  • Patients blame the pharmacists/physicians
  • Time waste due to waiting of the decisions
  • Productivity loss/ paperwork or digital connections needs to be completed
  • Additional administrative expenses

The primary purpose of prior authorization is to make treatment less costly and desirable. However, the cancellation of prescriptions/ treatments is quite harsh for the patients. Ultimately, patients receive the brunt of the delays due to tedious prior authorization process.

Prior Authorization Assurance

Sunknowledge Answer to Prior Authorization Pains

Our superior understanding of claims adjudication mandates helps us deliver you proactive prior authorization support in the best possible manner. We will be providing task specific support in eligibility verification and authorization, rendering effective checks and balances that transform your ROI in the long run. As your ultimate RCM partner for stand out prior authorization support, Sunknowledge Services Inc extends stand alone/ end to end support with

  • Collection of important procedural information from provider and patient
  • Eligibility coverage determination
  • Payer communication for validating PA request
  • As per insurance requirements, initiate PA requests
  • Status checking of authorization
  • Follow up with the ordering physicians for relevant documents
  • As per payer requests, providing additional information
  • Updating the auth outcome in the PM/ billing system

We have the capability of working across all prominent billing systems and offer state of the art support in prior authorization. Let our team share with you, our best practices, and ability to work as your reliable extension of operations. Drive your growth with the Sunknowledge edge in prior authorization. We have the perfect plan in place for you and will eliminate proven pain points with our specialized intervention.