Enhance Your Reimbursements with Cutting Edge
DME/HME Prior Authorization

More and more patients are opting for Medicare Advantage plans for additional benefits, lower premiums. As a DME/HME provider, it implies that there will be more gate keeping and more prior authorization!

Already, cumulative wait times are at an all time and as a provider , if you are looking to find an edge in the competitive landscape , you will be have to streamline your practice management priorities and find effective checks and balances with your DME prior authorization.

Leverage The Sunknowledge Advantage: Complete DME/HME Prior Authorization Support

Already, extending superior support meeting both pre and post billing needs, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete HME prior authorization destination. As a 100% HIPAA compliant company, we implement the right practices that eliminate proven flaws in your practice management process. We believe in working as a dedicated operational extension for some of the leading DME, HME as well as clients in the Orthotics and prosthetics space.

DME prior authorization

Our Complete Action Plan in DME/HME Prior Authorization Includes:

A One Stop Practice Management Destination

  • Guaranteed reduction of operational cost by 70%
  • Prompt service with a consistent accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • Increase your current rate of completed requests by 1.5 – 2x
  • The only RCM Company specializing in Pre Certification
  • Extensive experience in adjudicating claims for large Payers
  • Extending task specific support in Eligibility verification, prior authorization, doctor's office follow up and order entry and confirmation.

Comprehensive Action Plan for your Prior Authorization worries

Authorization Initiation

  • Calling up insurance to find the authorization filing procedure and turnaround time
  • Gathering prior-authorization form and relevant medical documents from the providers
  • Submission of the authorization request (fax/online/call) to the payer along with relevant documentation (if required)
  • Tracking of Fax receipts

Authorization follow-up

  • Communicating with the payer to check the status of the authorization as per the turnaround time protocol of the payer.
  • It also involves sharing additional notes as per payers' requirement

Acknowledgement of Authorization approval

  • Updating approved authorization in the providers' practice management system
  • Complete documentation on the start and end date for the Authorization approval, service information and provider information

Let us share our best practices with you on how we make a difference in your DME/HME prior authorization with trust and excellence!