Get Rid of Your Prior Authorization Worries With
The Sunknowledge Advantage

A complete medical billing and collections company, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge support in prior authorization services. Our unique approach has always been our extensive understanding of the best practices across the healthcare industry, proficiency across all major EMR/ billing systems and last but not the least our ability to work as a seamless operational extension for leading healthcare providers.

Over the last decade, we have been a great healthcare services company and have earned recognition of working with both providers and payer side of the business. Our expert resources, competent pool of prior authorization experts eliminate proven challenges and helps in reducing practice management pains in the best possible manner.

We are a one stop destination when it comes to offering stand out support in initiating PA request, contacting the insurance companies, collection of important documents, validating the same as well as contacting the physician office for documents of relevance, updating the PA outcome in the billing system of the client.

DME has Never Been Easier

Sunknowledge: Your Partner for Cutting Edge Prior Authorization Support

Automation across the prior authorization process is becoming pertinent with more healthcare providers looking to favor a paperless ambiance that will help them in reducing surging costs.

The right alerts for obtaining PA’s informing the physician about the prescribed medication for a patient has to be the roadmap forward. A real time determination is going to resolve many loopholes in obtaining prior auth on time and providing clarity in medical procedure to be followed for quick and effective reimbursements in the long run.

Sunknowledge combines an excellent methodology of managing back and forth sharing of information. We offer a complete range of support by performing task specific activities in benefits check, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Get in touch with our experts and know more how we add value, become your partner for improving your ROI.