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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization costs are surging every year and are presently amounting to $32 billion to the healthcare industry. It is consuming time worth 20 hours a week for medical practices. Nearly thirteen hours of the nurses time, six hours of time are spent by the clerical staff and over an hour of the physicians time.

As the federal mandates clearly suggesting providers to make sure that they are transparent in their service prices, a consistent prior authorization process will be crucial for improved financial success for any medical practice.

A streamlined effort to make the entire process of practice management transparent has to be the need of the hour. While prior authorization is designed to prevent malpractices in patient care and use of drugs that may or may not be the right alternative to a medical condition, the consequences say otherwise.

prior authorization Effort

Sunknowledge Sets The Difference in Prior Authorization

Already working with leading providers across the country, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been a dynamic revenue cycle management company. We are versatile across all billing systems in the market, deliver powerful solutions that eliminate proven pain points in revenue cycle. We have developed our proprietary platform “Prior Auth Online” which is simple, linear as well as reliable to provide you with the needed support.

Our superior understanding of claims adjudication mandates helps us deliver you proactive prior authorization support in the best possible manner. We will be providing task specific support in eligibility verification and authorization, rendering effective checks and balances that transform your ROI in the long run. As your ultimate RCM partner for stand out prior authorization support, Sunknowledge Services Inc extends stand alone/ end to end support with

  • Collection of important procedural information from provider and patient
  • Eligibility coverage determination
  • Payer communication for validating PA request
  • As per insurance requirements, initiate PA requests
  • Status checking of authorization
  • Follow up with the ordering physicians for relevant documents
  • As per payer requests, providing additional information
  • Updating the auth outcome in the PM/ billing system

We are just a call away from you! Let us share with you on how we set the stage for a streamlined recovery of reimbursements with a proactive prior authorization process.