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Prior Authorization for Radiology

A lot of insurance plans require prior authorization for the imaging procedures, especially those which are higher in costs. MRI, PET imaging and CT all need prior authorization. However, cumulative wait times are higher by the day and performing these services without authorization will result in a denial of payment for the claim later. Obtaining and verifying the right information about the insurance plan of the patient will be crucial.

Your staffs should be well versed with the knowledge of the plans that need prior authorization for radiology services. The procedures that need authorization, how to obtain it is a big challenge. While some insurance companies are handling their own procedure authorization, a lot use third party benefits management organizations.

The best possible way forward for you will always be through experience. A lot of practice managers build a staff table to refer for gathering of the information. It is extremely important for you to find the right vendor that can help in handling your prior authorization by working as your dedicated operational extension.

Radiology Prior Authorization

Grow Stronger with The Sunknowledge Advantage in Prior Authorization

The best part of choosing Sunknowledge as your partner will be our understanding of state wide insurance, private insurances across the country. We are a unique RCM hub as we are currently working with both payers and providers in the healthcare space. Our team of practice management experts are well versed with the claims adjudication mandates of the industry.

As your reliable operational extension, Sunknowledge Services Inc drives your prior authorization for radiology services. We are currently working with leading radiology and imaging centers across the country.

We have the perfect plan ahead for you as we initiate the authorization, collect the relevant documents, validate the same, contact the insurance companies, get in touch with the physician office, and update the auth outcome in the billing system.

With an excellent back and forth mechanism of sharing of information, we eliminate proven challenges in your revenue cycle. Partner with Sunknowledge if you are looking for a stand out partner to support you in prior authorization for radiology services.