Enrich Your Braces Prior Authorization
with the Sunknowledge Excellence

Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has made its presence felt in the competitive landscape as a complete medical billing and collections company. As a 100% HIPAA compliant destination, we have developed the best practices with our constant learning methodology and the ability to work as a reliable operational extension for the best in the industry. Our team currently services over 100 clients only in DME/HME/Orthotics and prosthetics space with great references.

We have the ability deliver both front-end as well as back end revenue cycle management support in braces prior authorization. Our team is versatile across all major practice management systems and offers a streamlined action plan that transpires into better collections for our clients.

Our unique distinction lies in the fact that we are a proven healthcare services company delivering powerful pre and post billing solutions in braces billing as well as across any other DME products with great understanding and experience which is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Braces Prior Authorization

Pre Billing

Eligibility Verification - online

  • Eligibility Verification - online (with same/similar check)
  • Eligibility Verification - calling (with same/similar check)
  • Eligibility Verification - calling (with same/similar check) BCBS
  • Prior Authorization
  • Prior Authorization (with dr.'s office follow/up) / Re-authorization
  • Dr.'s office follow-up
  • Order entry (patient, provider, insurance, item etc.)
  • Confirmation


Rejection management

  • Posting - auto (without audit)
  • Posting - auto (with audit)
  • Posting - manual
  • A/R follow-up
  • A/R & Denial Management

Support Activities

CPAP Compliance (with patient counseling calls)

  • Patient collections
  • Re-supply order calls (to patient to confirm requirement)
  • Hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold etc.)

Sunknowledge Services Inc has a powerful plan in assessing the medical necessity, eligibility verification and DME prior authorization services and deliver

  • Gathering of important information on procedure from the patient and the providers
  • Check the patient's eligibility
  • Initiate PA request as per payer protocols
  • Communicate with the payer to validate prior auth request
  • Checking of auth status with payers doing effective follow up
  • Follow up with referring provider for additional documents
  • Provide additional documents as requested by payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the client PM/Billing system

Let us give you a complete understanding on what difference we bring to the table! Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity for your business excellence.