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Prior Authorization Software

Prior Authorization Software - The Need Indeed

prior authorization services

The modern healthcare industry cannot do without the online prior authorizations and keeping pace with the norm, more and more healthcare practices are going all out to implement an electronic prior authorization solution. In search of the desired actionable patient intelligence, physicians and healthcare providers are looking for software solutions that support Electronic Health Record (EHR) to enable delivery of approvals in the shortest possible time.

Prior Authorization Software Solution - The Edge

The introduction of Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA) and its very streamlined approach has been showing its results. Industry surveys reveal that at least 51% of patients have been able to avail the advantage of the original therapy with the EPA assistance. It’s a steep rise from the 38% figure processed without an EPA solution. Things are going to get better as it is being estimated that 70% or even more percent of the industry is seriously thinking to shift to rapid automation bolstering the idea of a paperless ambiance. No wonder, it’s going to be a great measure to control the surging costs. Just by pressing a few buttons in the EMR system, prescribers can get an authorization spending the minimum time. No wonder, electronic prior authorization software is giving the prior auth domain the much-needed edge, gradually forming the backbone of the industry.

The Software Simplicity

Prior authorization software can be also judged by the simplicity of operation, subsequently affecting the overall efficiency in a positive way. A sufficient prior authorization software solution can automatically pre-populate patient data making it easy for the executives to process all prior authorization requests, electronically sending the data directly to the health plan.

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A quick look into the world of benefits you have with PriorAuth Online:

  • 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
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  • 100% HIPAA Compliance
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  • 100% client retention
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  • Clients' legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
  • Free Telemedicine platform

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