As low as $7 per hour
A Ready Plan for Streamlining
Your Prior Authorization
prior authorization challenges

Already a powerful healthcare revenue cycle management company, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge prior authorization support. We are currently working with leading healthcare providers, insurance companies, TPA's helping them with their end to end medical billing services / credentialing and claims adjudication mandates. Already we see physicians, primary care centers facing a huge challenge with a length process of prior authorization. Yearly, 869 million hours get spent on prior authorization while the total yearly cost is almost $31 billion.

A dynamic solution to your prior authorization worries

As your ultimate practice management partner, Sunknowledge Services Inc will be providing you complete support with prior authorization. Starting at just $7 per hour, we provide you stand alone as well as end to end assistance that eliminates any risks of losing out on reimbursements. You can also focus better on your patients without any hassle. As your reliable operational extension, we will provide

  • Gather important procedural information from patient as well as provider
  • Determine the eligibility coverage
  • Validate prior auth request with effective payer communication
  • Initiate PA request as per payer requirements
  • Checking for authorization status
  • Follow up with ordering physicians with documents of relevance
  • Provide additional information as per payer requests
  • Update the authorization outcome in the PM / billing system

We are equipped to handle any amount of PA volume. Sunknowledge Services Inc has no transactional, training or installation charges. We give you the right impetus, provide you a strong foundation for a better denial management process to follow by laying down the right checks and balances. At present, we are processing over 50,000 prior authorizations on a monthly basis! Also, we guarantee a 90% submission rate on the same day itself.

Want to more about our prior authorization services! Let us share with you, our top class references and walk you through our process and best practices. We promise you of seamless communication standards with easy accessibility and flexibility. Our smooth business transition will help you assess the protocols and we will continue working as your reliable operational extension.