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A Powerful Prior Authorization Destination

A 100% HIPAA compliant organization, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge Prior authorization support. Already, partners with leading healthcare providers, we are providing complete practice management/ billing support that improves cash flow, helps in implementing the right checks and balances. We believe in working as a reliable operational extension, provide tailored solutions in prior authorization services. Sunknowledge Services Inc is surely a preferred partner for stand out support in prior authorization services.

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A One Stop Destination for Cutting Edge Prior Authorization Support

We are a complete prior authorization destination when it comes to validating the PA request, initiate as well as checking the authorization status, follow up with the insurance companies with important documents and also updating the auth outcome in the PM/ billing system of the client.

Currently, we are working across more than 28 specialties, and have been a powerful partner to them. We have performed unique functions especially for special cases like Botox prior authorization. We have shared our special capabilities for a quasi medical product like Botox and have provided a proactive pursuit with our exclusive understanding of the adjudication mandates across the industry.

If you are looking for more demonstration, we can share with you, our best practices, and references across the industry. Our team maintains all the avenues with back and forth sharing of information with the concerned departments. We are a seasoned healthcare revenue cycle management company that provides you the required flexibility!

Our 360 degree approach with prior authorization encompass: effective payer communication, eligibility verification, collection of relevant documents, follow up and updating the outcome. We are happy to share with you our great references from over 100 clients. Let us provide you a complete demonstration on what difference we bring to the table.

Our team will be working as your operational partner and will eliminate all the pain while helping you work better with your in house resources, helping them focus better in patient care. Let us partner and we guarantee of seamless communication standards, functional best practices in prior authorization services that are unmatched in the competitive landscape.