Prior authorization for DME for improved Cash Flow

The bidding window for Medicare DME is now set to open July 16, 2019, a change from the previous announced from the June timeline. It means that DME manufacturers will still have a month extra to prepare for the 2021 competitive bidding program.

Patients surely have become more consumers oriented with their healthcare decisions with better access to information that wasn’t there 15 years ago. They are surely looking for higher quality, low cost care and a streamlined approach with revenue cycle management is the only road ahead to more customer gains during this period.

DME providers in the new competitive landscape, have to actively engage the patients in a new, more purposeful and consumer friendly manner by establishing a strong payment assurance strategy.

Implementing this will help providers improve patient experience while simultaneously collecting payments, ensure a positive financial outcome. Increasing transparency in DME billing that eliminates frustration of the patients is the way for you as a DME provider.

Prior authorization for DME

The Sunknowledge Assurance in Prior Authorization for DME

Ability to offer unparalleled support in both pre billing/ post billing needs in DME; we are a one stop RCM destination for an improved cash flow. We take pride in a pool of DME billers/ coders, proficient across all major practice management/ billing systems and even have the ability to offer assistance in any client proprietary platform.

A lot companies in the DME space are facing challenges today with front end practice management. We are surely your one stop destination for order processing services. Also, we have extended our scope of work in, CPAP compliance calls to help patients maintain 70% usage as set by Medicare, After Sales Support.

Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers assistance in both pre billing/ post billing requirements in the DME space. As a complete operational arm, our team has the capability to offer seamless proficiency across major billing systems like Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Fastrack , TEAMDME, CPR+HME and many more. We are also confident with any client proprietary platformLet us share with you, how we make a difference in your revenue cycle with streamlined prior authorization for DME at the best price in the marketplace.